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Alloutte Mendes - Founder

GD, as it is now known, has developed into a highly successful below the line graphic design agency, focused on the Development of Corporate Branding campaigns, Shopper promotions, Product packaging and much more... We have serviced and maintained a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, including well known International Brands. Our success story starts with the Simba Tazo's & Collectors album concept idea and implementation. We drove collectability beyond expectations for Simba South Africa. We had finally arrived and have never looked back since.




Our main goal is to provide our clients with exceptional, fresh and unique ideas, always focusing on achieving client satisfaction. Our aim is to treat each campaign or design with focus and dedication it deserves. You, the client and your campaign or design, receive our personal attention, while we maintain high standards at affordable prices.



Our clients have trusted us with their brands and design work for the past two decades. We are a smaller agency, which allows us to focus on and dedicate ourselves to our clients, thus maintaining a high quality of work, at very competitive prices. We also pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and loyalty to our clients and their brands. We strive to achieve the maximum potential of what our clients and their brand require from us, whilst growing together within the ever-changing global marketing trends.


  • Pepsico South Africa
  • Broadway Sweets
  • Starke Ayres
  • Petsa

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