January 30, 2020

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Blog Entries

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Servicing Our Clients

We pride ourselves in our ability to achieve an excellent result in a very quick turnaround time. Whether it’s a function we organise, a concept we develop or a piece of artwork we design, we can achieve almost the most impossible of deadlines.


Concept Development

We offer unique solutions beyond the design medium, that will promote and expand your brand. Our creative process includes extensive research, brainstorming and identifying target markets.

Graphic Design

Our focus is to produce fresh, innovative designs, within target needs whilst keeping to the corporate identity, print process specifications and finished media requirements. We offer a wide range of design services including: Packaging, Point of Sale material, Trade & Sales presenters, Brand development (logos, corporate identity elements), various print material and much more.


Competition Campaigns

We have successfully run a variety of promotional campaigns, focusing on a wide range of targets. From in-store consumer driven competitions to internal incentives to drive marketing teams. 


Everything your campaign may need in one place: Setup & Activation, Monthly Management, Social Media Marketing, Interactive Competition Website, Prize sourcing, purchasing & distribution, Draw process with auditors, Verification process, Legal guidance, Audit trail documentation supplied. 


Promotional Items

Customised promotional items, gifts and clothing, sourced locally and internationally.

We creatively source and deliver a product suited for your promotion within you budget requirements.


Print Consultant

Prepress setup & print monitoring, quality control through to delivery. Specialist in packaging print – gravure & flexo process also digital and litho printing, 28yrs experience with POS material



Products & Events

Inhouse and on location photo shoots, Creative packshots. Sourcing of models, make-up artists and food stylists are part of our value added services.

Photo Editing

All your photo editing requirements: deepetching, colour correction and manipulation.


Events & Conferences

Training / Events / Conferences

We provide event solutions. Supply and erection of marquees, gazebos, podiums, stages, outdoor signage and displays including various banners.

We also provide sound equipment including MC's or DJ's for your event or function. From concept to completion we work with you to ensure your event is a success.


Website Development

Online Business Brochure/Catalogue Websites, Membership or User Interactive Sites, Event sites, Personal sites


3D Modeling

An alternative to photography using 3D modelling software to create realistic packshots. Saving on costs labels/logos can be altered digitally at a later stage without the need for a new shoot.


Signage & Branding

Outdoor & Indoor

Wide variety of signage solutions to suit your individual needs, from billboards to safety signage. 

Vehicle Branding

Get noticed on the road with custom branding. 


Corporate Trips

Corporate Trips

Retail incentives linked to shopper promotions, large groups from start to finish.



Your one stop shop for design...you dream it, we bring it to life!

  • Creativity presents itself in many different ways...
  • 23yrs of Creativity

Claim to Fame

Our success story starts with the Simba Tazo's & Collectors album concept idea and implementation. We drove collectability beyond expectations for Simba South Africa.

We had finally arrived &
have never looked back since!

We are a smaller agency, which allows us to focus on and dedicate ourselves to our clients, thus maintaining a high quality of work, at very competitive prices.

Our hands on approach is old school, but has helped us survive within a competitive industry and modern world, where everything is rushed and instant attention is demanded. 

Striving to achieve the maximum potential of what our clients and their brand require from us, whilst growing together within the ever-changing global marketing trends.

Proud Sponsers of:

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Graphic Development Portfolio

Graphic Development Portfolio

Click on each block to view more

Stop Killing our Cyclists

Stop Killing our Cyclists


3D Modeling

An alternative to photography using 3D modelling software to create realistic photo packshots, food icons and characters.

Labels and logos can be easily changed on the existing model, without the need for a new photo shoot, therefore saving on costs down the line.



Branding is a vital part of any business.

Whether it be out of home, a promotional item or a custom creation, branding is an essential part of advertising a brand or promotion.

Stumbo Stomp - Branded Floor Mat

Stumbo Stomp

Branded Floor Mat

Branded Hawker Bike

Hawker Bike

Custom Made & Branded

Tropika Island of Treasure

Brief: Creating a new look & feel for the new upcoming season.

  • Logo
  • On pack label design
  • Point of Sale elements



Twinsaver Tender

Brief: Create awareness for the new revamped packaging


Our concept was to create a Secret Garden themed point of sale campaign. Taking elements from the packaging we extended the new brand packaging awareness.


Twin Care Group


Cadbury Tender

Point of Sale campaign launching Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolates. “Unleashing Marvellous Magical Moments”

Lunch Bar’s 50th Birthday celebration point of sale campaign.

Wholesale display ideas for Chomp.




Milk-It Tender

A consumer promotion across Amazon Monsta Pops & Milkit lollipops, to drive the sales of both products.

Proposed consumer prize either a Family holiday to Disneyland Paris or Skiing in Austria.


Trade Kings


Brand Development

Stumbo Bubblegum Pops

Rebranding of an existing brand, thereby expanding its capabilities within trade.

The development of new products under and existing brand grows the range and allows for variety.

Our creative process includes extensive research, brainstorming and identifying target markets.


Brand Development


Creation of an Umbrella Brand that will stand out in the Retail environment with a range of sub-brands that fall beneath it.

Sub-brand creation differs drastically from the umbrella brand they fall under, creating unique sub-brands, within a range of products.

When incorporating the umbrella brand within the design, it links them all together.


Brand Development

Red Hat Pasta

From Logo concept through to final packaging, its all covered.

This included, packaging concept, stylised food photography and final setup of all technical and nutritional information for print.

The Print process is identified upfront, and the design implemented accordingly.


Corporate ID

Corporate Identity is the key element of a Company, that helps it stand out from the rest by creating a unique ID.

Logo development, letterheads, business cards, email signatures etc, need to work together withing the design created.


Spar Lekker Campaign

Retail Consumer promotion through the Spar Channel. Linked to the “What’s your Lekker Flavour?” on pack promotion.

Purchase any Simba Pack and enter via SMS short code.

Winners get to choose your own Prize to the value of R20,000.

Spar Reps Incentive - Choose your own Lekker Prize

Spar Reps

Sales Incentive


Reps & Merchandiser Sales Incentive linked to the Spar Lekker Campaign.

Entry Mechanic based on sales grown and instore display score system, during the promotional period.

Winners get to choose your own prize value.

Top Key account managers win a bush getaway.

Spar Key Account Managers Incentive

Spar Key Account Managers


Spar Store Owners Incentive

Store Owners


Tropika Island of Treasure 5

A sales driven consumer campaign linked to a reality TV series.

A photoshoot involved working with celebrities including studio hire, clothes and hair styling, makeup, and, a photographer.

Campaign designs included a logo, packaging labels, post edits, various POS elements, social media layouts, trade presenters, as well as a giant snakes and ladder game and winner’s cheque for use on the TV show.

Engen - Win it All


Win it All

Click to view gallery

Forecourt Campaigns

Consumer Promotions specifically targeted at consumer purchases, to drive sales within these channels.

Entry mechanics may vary between scratch cards, SMS entries, value add giveaways or loyalty driven promotions.

Fulfilment of prizes and winner verification process done within the competition guidelines set out in South Africa.


Makro Trolley Dash

Consumer trolley dash promotions are nostalgic and a fun way to give away prizes while driving sales within a channel.

The use of promotional material including special painted gold trolleys helped to drive the promotion on each gondola end during the promotion.

Additional unique promotional material included pillar wraps, carpark billboards and trolley handle stickers.


PnP Win a Jeep

A PnP consumer promotion, driving sales.

The POP unit design is simple, solid, and functional, allowing for maximum stock holding.

Additional design elements include creative POP side cladding, posters, trade presenters, and customer information leaflets, which contain a unique entry number for short code SMS entry and include the promotional Ts & Cs.

SMS setup and winner verification process completed for the client.


Simba Soccer Balls

The launch of Simba soccer balls included concept, packaging design, category banners, trade presenters, posters, and billboards.

All designed elements tie into the fun Simba soccer ball theme, creating excitement and variety in trade.


Starke Ayres Sales Conference

Celebrating 140 years 

Power of the Past, Force of the future

From concept to event activation, including logo design, invitations, conference opening video creation, welcome gift bags with promotional items including an old themed newspaper design, room drops, conference planning & décor, two themed evenings, live band, audio visual equipment, sound & lighting, we covered it all.

Conference Gifts & Room Drops


Gifts & Room Drops

PVS Brand Launch

The launch of the PVS brand, incorporated a logo design, corporate ID elements, design and printed material, corporate clothing and gifts, launch event concept, planning and activation, event décor and games, live entertainment, arranging of a famous guest speaker, promotional items and gifts, videography and photography.

PVS Launch Event


Launch Event

Road Safety Roadshow

Training of the Simba Corporate fleet drivers on Road Safety, through a roadshow campaign consisting of an event concept and activation, printing of promotional elements, branded gifts and educational games including partnering with ER24, to create more Road Safety Awareness.

This Road Show resulted in very few incidents or accidents reported over the next year at the various Simba Depo’s with Pinetown Branch having zero incidents recorded.


Family Fun Days

Organising Family Fun Days for PepsiCo staff including equipment hire, music and DJ, hiring of children entertainment and braai equipment as well as managing the event activation on the day.


PepsiCo Recycling Day

Recycling made fun through Corporate Training events. Event concept and theme, promotional material design and print, event planning and activation, music and DJ, live entertainment and fun educational games, make for a fun filled day where employees have fun while learning.


Food Safety Training

A critical Part of PepsiCo Production is the awareness of food safety within the Factory environment. Through food safety events, the employees learn why it is so critical to adhere to the food safety standards set out by PepsiCo.

These events included concept, educational material design and print, branding of various promotional elements, gift packs and fun educational games.


PepsiCo Safety Day

EHS within big Corporates is of an ongoing concern. Through fun educational training events, the incidents and accidents on site are drastically reduced through creation of employee awareness.

The events planned include fun activities that focus on general safety in the work environment. From concept to activation, we cover it all, ensuring our corporate clients are satisfied with the safety messages we leave with their Employees, which are of self-awareness, which goes a long way to creating a safer environment for all.



We offer a photography service including food and clothing styling as well as hair and makeup for model shoots.

The photographer chosen is specialised depending on the photoshoot required. Co-ordination of shoot from studio hire to styling to the photographer and lighting are carefully planned, usually including the client on the day.

Shots are approved and post edits are done ensuring the finished images are of the highest quality for use on any promotional material.



Finding the right model is key to a brand and photoshoot.

Model release forms are signed to ensure the legal use of the portraits taken.

Portrait photography is specialised and involves hair makeup, styling, props and specialised lighting.

Welgevonden Food Photography


Food Photography

Simba Grab Your Snacks

Carefully planning a location, models and shot angles are key to creating images that are best suited for their intended purpose.

This shoot involved a special location, food styling, props, models, makeup, hair, and a photographer.


Lay's Packaging

Packaging developed using Global Brand Guides to suite the South African Target Market.

Adapting local pack designs to create compliant packaging for emerging sub-Saharan markets.

Concept design of promotional packs and brand extension packs.

Utilising various finishing techniques to create the NEW look and feel on the current packaging.


E'max Energy Drinks

A New energy drink designed specifically for the flexo print process on a foil base.

Using a combination of colours and finishing effects makes for a premium look and feel, while targeting 18 – 34yr age groups.


Stumbo Pops

Outer bags & Lollipop Wrappers

Updating and developing new brands which fall under one manufacturer.

Each unique brand includes an extensive range of products and sub-brands in a variety of flavours. Design includes character development and 3D modelling to enhance the packaging.

Lollipop wrappers are created to compliment the outer packaging while focusing on each flavour variant.


Big Pops XXL

The Creation of a NEW Stumbo sub-brand with 2 new flavours.

The unique character was conceptualised and developed using an illustrator.

Development of the logo was designed to complement the brand character and overall look and feel of the design.

Wrappers and 3D packshots formed part of the design process.



Red Hat Pasta

Developing a set of packaging that have the same design elements and work well together as a range, ensuring appetite appeal and the premium look and feel it needs, in order to reach the target market required.

This included, packaging concept, stylised food photography and final setup of all technical and nutritional information for print.


Pet Products

Development of the Pet Brands from name through to final packaging label design.

Creating a range of sub products, falling under the established brands, each easily identifiable.

Labels are printed on a special metallic vinyl film, using special prepped layers for print to create a unique label that is both matt and metallic.


On Pack Promos

Brand strength can be used creatively to incorporate a promotion onto a pack.

This process is complex and involves maintaining the core brand look and feel when adding the additional information.

These on-pack promotions create excitement on shelf and improve brand awareness. They are often linked to sponsorships but are also used to promote a consumer promotion or promote a new flavour.


Various Simba

SA Snack Sub-Brands

Brand extension packs create excitement and variety within the trade but fall under an existing trusted umbrella brand.

They are separately unique but still comply within the core brand standards. Designs include the use of characters, stock images, photoshoots, and 3D modelling.

These packs are created after a lengthy process of trial and research designs and often take a few years before hitting the shelf.


MAQ Washing Powder

Revolutionary re-design of the Maq washing powder packaging range across 5 SKU’s, including a pouch pack, sample sachet, boxes, bulk pack, and outer carton.

Designed across multiple traces, keeping within legal packaging requirements for trade.

Research, concept, and final setup part of design process followed.


Polar Ice Cream

Various Brand Packaging

Updating and developing new packaing which fall under one manufacturer.

Each unique packaing design could include the use of characters, stock images, photoshoots, and 3D modelling.


Are RATS Moving in?

A point of sale campaign spanning 4 years, the campaign centred around driving Rats & Mice out of the house.

Creative free standing units drove the sales in store.


Starke Ayres

Various Campaigns

Driving the sale of seeds using various point of sale elements:

  • Free standing units
  • Side Cladding
  • Wobblers
  • Category Dividers
  • Header boards


Fill the hunger

  • Free standing units
  • Bulk display
  • Wobblers
  • Posters

Kombat Tag

Launch Elements

Launching of the new Kombat TAG product using various Point of sale elements.

A unique 360 degree free standing unit was created which was able to be merchandised on all sides.


Various Simba

Point of Sale

Unique POP units and additional elements are created to enhance each packaging design or promotion.

The POP stand needs to be creative, simple to erect, while keeping stock holding and weight in mind.

Various substrates include metal, board, and ABS are used to produce powerful units and displays within stores.


Broadway Sweets

Various Point of Sale

Basket signage, wobblers, posters, and display units help to promote a brand in-store.

The Broadway point of sale is targeted at the wholesale trade, predominantly for bulk displays within the channel.



The suppliers we use are trusted and provide us with a wide range of items to choose from.

Added services include printing and embroidery. We ensure your design fits within the branding guidelines from each supplier and that your colours are matched correctly to your corporate ID.

A strict signoff process ensures nothing can go wrong with your order.


PVS Launch Gifts

Branded jackets, cycling shirts, golf towels, balls and umbrellas, gift bags, branded blankets, swizzle sticks and lanyards.


We source and brand gift suited to your theme and budget requirements, from trusted suppliers, while maintaining your brand ID.

A wide range of items can be found in our supplier catalogues which we provide you with, to make your decision process easier.

Electronic gifts come with guarantees and are always well received in an ever-changing world.


PepsiCo Way Launch

Various branded items, contract packing and distribution for corporate communication launches.


Posters come in standard or custom sizes and vary in the material they are printed on, including thickness.

We design to suite your needs, ensuring the best quality for the end result. We guide our clients when images are received, to ensure the highest resolution is achieved on the finished product.

Special packing can be arranged if needed for redistribution.





Print Adverts

Print adverts are created for various publications including newsprint and magazines. Each media house has its own advertising space size variations and prep process.

We ensure the guidelines are adhered to, ensuring piece of mind through the design to print process.

Designs are influenced by the publication target market, while keeping within brand guidelines.



Calendars are a vital part of the corporate world. They need to be creative and functional, while still promoting a brand or product.

They come in various sizes or shapes and can be custom developed to suite your needs.

Additional rimming can be added to wall calendars.



The printing process varies depending on the substrate it is printed on. Litho printing is generally a four-colour process, with a spot colour added if needed. The flexo process uses predominantly spot colours but has evolved and can achieve a litho look and feel if designed correctly. Other processes include pad, screen, and digital printing for smaller runs.

Printing processes and finishing techniques allow for any custom-made item to be made up e.g., corporate magazines, notebooks, carboard stands, promotional material etc.


Stickers & Doming

Suppliers of custom vinyl or paper labels with various materials and finishes. Doming can be added to create a 3D resin effect

Tags & Cards

A wide variety of paper or boards are available in various thicknesses to suite client requirements.

Finishing is also a very important part of the process which can include lamination, embossing, die cutting and folding.

Our design to print management service ensures that your order is hassle free and supplied at the highest quality and finish possible.



Out of home campaign elements vary depending on the client’s needs. They range from street pole signs to building wraps, billboards and more.

Billboard designs are kept simple as billboards are a “3 second” point of communication to passing motorists. Designs can be adjusted accordingly, to fit all sizes, within one campaign.

We work closely with various media houses who flight them for us


Store Signage

Signage designed and applied to your windows, doors or walls.

Vinyl adhesive, contra vision and wallpaper are usually used for these applications.

Other applications include stretched vinyl in frames mounted to walls or custom-built lightboxes for interior or exterior use.


Factory Signage

Standard and custom safety signage supplied and installed.

Other materials include, heat resistant and reflective material.

Our crew adheres to all safety procedures during the application process.


Branding makes a difference!

GraphicD was commissioned to Brand the NEW 40,000m2 PepsiCo Park distribution Warehouse, from artwork concept, fabrication through to the final installation process.

Each space was carefully planned to create excitement while creatively showcasing brand awareness throughout the building.


Getaways & Corprate Trips

Concept, planning and management of corporate incentive and consumer prize trips.

Trips included travel, transfers, accommodation, food & beverages, room drops, gift packs, planned activities, printed material and on call liaison throughout trip.

Trips are themed and all communication and activities are planned accordingly


Spar Masai Mara Trip

Taking a group of Spar owners and Managers on an African Adventure, to experience the yearly migration of Wildebeest in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Trip included commercial return flights to Nairobi, a smaller flight into the Masai Mara, stay in Luxury tents at Governor’s Camp on the banks of a Mara River, game drives, a hot air balloon experience with breakfast on the plains, all meals including a traditional bush dinner with traditional dancing around the campfire, gift packs, room drops & corporate trip communication to winners.


E'Max Energy Drinks

Creating a social media campaign video promoting the Launch of Emax energy drinks, incorporating a consumer promotion.

Overlaying of a music clip which identifies with the Brand’s target market.

Shorter clips where created from the full video, to boost and highlight key communication, throughout the campaign.


Starke Ayres Conference

Say goodbye to boring Power point presentations.

A Video created for the opening of a Starke Ayres conference, highlighting the conference theme.

Various video clips, images, music, sound effects and motion graphics, make up the video.


Facebook Videos

Creating a powerful short video clip, with sound effects and motion graphics that can be used to promote your brand on Social Media platforms.

This is a powerful way to promote your brand, that stands out from the normal static images posted online.


Lay's South Africa Tembisa - Pitch Build

Proud to be part of the Lay's Re-Play team

Our roll in this amazing project was to capture the construction of the pitch and create a time lapse video for our client, Pepsico.

Visit #LaysReplay and @UEFA_foundation for more information.


Vehicle Branding

Creative, attractive, custom designed “moving billboards” to suite your brand and the vehicle it is applied to.

Measurements are carefully taken to ensure the best possible outcome for your design.

Unique material alternatives can make your brand stand out even more.


Simba Fleet Branding

Applying brand designs to a fleet with various vehicle shapes and sizes, while maintaining brand identity.

Measurements and photo mock-ups ensure you are satisfied with the design before application.

Designs are impactful and ensure your brand is easily identifiable on the road.

Unique applications adding to your fleet could include a trailer or a tuk-tuk.


Website Development

Developing custom responsive websites for various applications, including online catalogues and interactive short-term promotional portals.

We create corporate profiles sites maintaining your corporate ID.

Add on services include website updates, training, technical support, maintenance, and domain registration assistance.


Graphic Development Map

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